Friday, June 3, 2011

Super Sabbatical

So, I quit my job and moved to Telluride. I am taking a sabbatical from the "real world" for a deliberately indefinite time period. To fund this adventure I sold the A4, which was paid for, and bought an old Jeep Cherokee with the intention of living on the difference until the money runs our.

This is an exciting time for me, with a bit of "holy shit I just walked away from a huge paycheck and I don't know what I'll do to replace it in the future."

My last day of work was April 1, no fooling. Since then, I've sold a lot of my stuff including my beloved Audi. I have traded money and stuff for:
   1. Experiences
   2. Culture
   3. Friends

Definite short-term plans:
   1. Re-establish a yoga practice (in the process)
   2. Move to Telluride - done (mostly... still a few boxes to unpack)
   3. Enjoy the Telluride Bluegrass Festival (coming soon)
   4. Hike the Colorado Trail (launching in July)
   5. Run my first 1/2 marathon (the Goldenleaf from Snowmass to Aspen on Sept 24th)

We'll see what happens then...