Sunday, March 7, 2010

How I Decided to Be The Nicest Person You'd Ever Meet

I recently heard someone described as "the nicest person you'd ever meet" and I immediately thought to myself "Wow! I'd like to meet that guy." Then I reflected on what might be said if I were being described.

Words that came to mind:

I don't know that they would make many people (any people?) think "Wow! I'd like to meet that guy." They've been personality traits for most of my life. I vaguely remember consciously initiating the construction of a social wall of condescending sarcastic egoism; and brick by brick it has grown into the Great Wall of Eric - keeping friends (those thick-skinned enough to have me) and family (they've been stuck with me) at bay.

The wall is weakening lately and I feel as though I'm waking up to the world and discovering how I want to exist in it. Jonathan Fields' post Would You Fall Asleep Reading Your Life's Story? was a well-timed inspiration. Reflecting on legacy, he encourages us to ponder the meaning of life as a story and to write out the chapters as we would like them to unfold. He ends with the question "what story are you writing with the way you’re living your life?" I've written many chapters already in my 37 years, but now it's time to mindfully set my intentions for future chapters. I'll start with one for now:

He was...
   *The nicest person you'd ever meet

Photo by Emiliano Spada

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  1. I've always thought you were neato. Guess I could see over the wall.