Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Writing and Happiness

Ever since I decided to consciously strive to be The Nicest Person You'd Ever Meet, I find that I am a happier person. In fact I would even call myself "a happy person," which may not mean much to you unless you've known the cynical, unhappy me.

In my past I've used writing as a way to resolve my unhappiness periodically. Writing was like cognitive therapy exercise that read as rambling rants about whatever had rubbed me the wrong way most recently. But now that I'm in generally good spirits, I have not had the compulsion to write for medicinal reasons, which has manifested itself in a dearth of compositions.

Therefore, it is time that I seek alternative motives to spur me on. And what better than to share the inspirations for my happiness; an exploration of and focus on what is important to me - the consequentialities of my life. I have no doubt that putting these cheery thoughts in writing and sharing the things that make me smile will only magnify their effects on me. Hopefully they'll make you smile too.

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